Mark Russell Gelade

Writer, Musician


Pubished November, 2018

Navigating by Stars: 24 ‘Very’ Short Stories of Love & Longing

Navigating by Stars features 24 first-person narratives, portraying characters who have each arrived at some spiritual crossroads in their lives. Some reach out to others; some go it alone, but each one struggles to comes to terms with the circumstances of his or her own present moment.

What makes a “Short, Short?”
The successful short, short, in my opinion, must have a couple of core elements. First, a concentration of language, and second, a true character arc.  Within their compressed confines, these miniatures must offer a beginning, a middle, and an end. But most of all, they must portray characters that readers will care about.

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Poetry: Another Life

Another Life is the working title of Mark Russell Gelade’s debut collection of poetry. Readers have commented that the collection is like an extended self-portrait, covering themes of work, nature, and sensuality. The manuscript is currently looking for a publishing house to call home. The title piece is offered below.

Another Life

Late summer, harvest moon—

I am traveling out through these woods

like a wounded bear.

Dried scars and a loping limp—

my hips grinding in their sockets.

Beneath star-poked skies, I have followed a scent

that has returned me, once again,

to my starting point.

Wrapped in a dream of blackberry vine and plum—

all I desired was another life.

Padded prints dry in the mud;

while above me, the moon scales hills

that I have abandoned.