Navigating by Stars: 24 ‘Very’ Short Stories of Love & Longing

Navigating by Stars features 24 first-person narratives, portraying characters who have each arrived at some spiritual crossroads in their lives. Some reach out to others; some go it alone, but each one struggles to comes to terms with the circumstances of his or her own present moment.

Every word matters, mined for maximum impact. These are epic, emotional journeys condensed into diamonds, sharp and glimmering. From people questioning their circumstances to those making climactic decisions, these tales are stolen moments of honesty, of love, of heartbreak, and of joy, and even if you wish there was more of each story, you never feel cheated or shortchanged. Each narrative is whole, rich and flavorful.
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Poetry: Another Life

Another Life is the working title of my debut collection of poetry. Readers have commented that the collection is like an extended self-portrait, covering themes of work, nature, and sensuality. The manuscript is currently looking for a publishing house to call home. The title piece is offered below.

Another Life

Late summer, harvest moon—

I am traveling out of these woods

like a wounded bear.

Dried scars and a loping limp—

my hips grinding in their sockets.

Beneath star-poked skies, I have followed a scent

that has returned me, once again,

to my starting point.

Wrapped in a dream of blackberry vine and plum—

all I desired was another life.

Padded prints dry in the mud;

while above me, the moon scales hills

that I have abandoned.